Welcome to minotaur

We enable creators to build seamlessly in the Web3 era

Build your brand, sell your work, and grow your community using the power of the blockchain. All on the Minotaur platform.

We've worked with some of the world's most well-known brands and creators.


We can manage an NFT project from end-to-end or provide a self-service platform to enable your team to work in Web3.


We work with several in-house and outsourced artists across several forms of media to help bring your vision to life.


Our team and platform has built and managed communities from the ground floor.


We've built technology that lets creatives build robust smart contracts and manage 10k drops without an engineer.

Who we are

We bring together artists, blockchain engineers and community managers to build successful NFT projects that can scale.

Our platform enables creators and brands to large enterprise-scale NFT products.

Let's build something amazing.